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NIMCLINIC became a global reliable brand as the clinic consolidates the surgeon and healthcare staff with experienced individuals in the health sector. NIMCLINIC applies the most recent hair transplant and cosmetic surgery technologies and continues to operate patients all around the world in hospitals with global prestige, high service quality and A++ and JCI certificates.



General Director

Nimclinic general director Musa YETİM explains the success of Nimclinic as follows; “It should not be enough just to be successful, we should always be the best in the services we provide. Because if those who prefer us come to us with confidence, we have to give the right of this trust to the end. What makes Nimclinic Nimclinic is that everyone who prefers us says they are glad they chose Nimclinic.”

Op. Dr. Arda AKGÜN

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Dr. Arda Akgun, graduated from Baskent University Faculty of Medicine, and afterwards he continued his career at several state and private hospitals. With 15 years of experience, he has provided the aesthetic appearance which is dreamed of thousands of patients.
In addition, he has published many scientific articles about facial aesthetics, body aesthetics and human anatomy, which have made a big splash in the medical community all over the world. He is also a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).


• Zygoma Fracture With Intracranial Penetration: Is Intracranial Approach Absolutely Necessary? MD Journal of Craniofacial Surgery: July 2015 – Volume 26 – Issue 5 – p 1723-1724
• Using Different Parts of Surgical Gloves for Non-Absorptive Drainage of Fingers in Hand Surgery South. Clin. Ist. Euras. 2016;27(2):173-174
• Septorhinoplasty in Patients with Cleft Lip and Palate Deformity in Adulthood South. Clin. Ist. Euras. 2017;28(1):8-12
• The Use of Pectoralis Major Muscle As An Island Flap on the THoracoacromial Artery in Defects of the Head-Neck and Infraclavicular Area South. Clin. Ist. Euras. 2017;28(2):124-129

Dr. Emrah KAYA

Medical Aesthetics Physician

After graduating from Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine, he started his career in Medical Aesthetics at Medical Park Health Group.
As a result of his great achievements, he made important contributions to the management staff of Turkey’s leading hospitals. Later, he saw the development of aesthetic procedures and took his skills to an advanced level by participating in various trainings in the field of medical aesthetics and hair transplantation.

He believes that patients should be supported medically as well as surgical treatment in order for the patients to get good and natural results during the Hair Transplantation process. It emphasizes the need for intensive and tight planting with correct planning for satisfactory results.




Oral and Dental Health Physician

Oral and dental health specialist Dentist Ebru ŞAŞMAZLAR graduated from ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF DENTISTRY in 2000 and completed her master’s degree in MIAMI UNIVERSITY ORAL SURGERY in 2011.

Having a good command of English language, he has completed the treatment of Artists, Athletes, Business Persons and Politicians from many countries of the world with a 100% success rate in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry and Implantology applications with 21 years of experience.