DHI Hair Transplant?

FUE method itself is categorized into certain methods. DHI hair transplant method is in fact one of the FUE hair transplant methods. That is, DHI method, which stands for “Direct Hair Implantation” method is not a new method but only a different way of applying the FUE hair transplant method.

In order to develop the existing methods and get better results, different methods of application are tried out. One of these methods is DHI method or “direct hair transplant”, which is applying the hair taken from the donor area instantly, without waiting. In DHI hair transplant, a specially designed tool resembling a pen named choi is used. Due to the structure at the tip of the device that is used in it, DHI method is also called the choi method.

How is DHI Hair Transplant Performed?

Hair in the donor area which has been administered local anaesthetics are loosened with the aid of a device and these roots are collected one by one. The roots that have been collected with a pen with a special tip are placed directly in the area that is to be transplanted without waiting. Unlike other FUE methods, there is no soaking the roots in a solution involved.

Therefore, keeping the grafts alive for a long time is aimed by not letting them wait for a long time. Even if they are preserved in special solutions and cooling containers, it is likely that the grafts are damaged and lose their vitality every minute they are outside the body. For this reason, it is believed that transplanting the grafts the moment they are taken from the body reduces hair loss after the operation, although this is not scientifically proven. By the same token, it is not possible to say DHI method is more successful than the FUE method.

Choi pen and its properties

Choi pen, which gets its name from having been developed in Kyungpook National University in South Korea, has been applied in Asian people’s straight and thick hair. However, it was claimed that it leads to deformations in curly hair and therefore was accepted as method that is difficult to execute. Later, during the studies on this pen, a version which can be used on general hair types has been produced and thus choi pen took their final form in which they have cylindrical tips with thickness changing from 0,65 to 1 mm that is in use now.
In the operation, an average of 3 to 6 choi pens are used and in these pens, 10 to 15 choi tips are used.

Hair follicles of the donor area are collected inside the choi pen tip. This part is important as this method needs to be carried out delicately. The specialist physician finishes the transplant using the pen’s thrusting mechanism, by using 45-degree angles and paying attention to the natural direction of the hair.

Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant

This method can be pieced together with long fue, which is the no-shave hair transplant. Even though it is claimed that there are many advantages to DHI hair transplant method, it does not differ that much from the FUE method in terms of advantages. Quickly healing wounds, allowing for denser transplantation, and not harming the donor area and the grafts are not advantages that are peculiar to DHI method, as FUE method also has these advantages.

Disadvantages of DHI Hair Transplant

Firstly, the fact that the operation needs delicacy also necessitates that it is performed by a specialist and experienced doctor. Therefore, the area which will be transplanted needs to be examined carefully. While in the classical FUE method, the operation is completed in 6 hours, in this method, a maximum number of 3000 grafts can be transplanted in 6 hours.

Thus, there are more hair transplant sessions compared to the classical FUE method. That means dhi hair transplant cost is more expensive than the classical one. Because as mentioned above, more sessions are needed and and an overtime situation is existing . According to these informations dhi hair transplant cost and long term healing process due to the more sessions can be countable as a major disadvantages.
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