Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

Hair loss due to testosterone or genetic factors is a common problem for men as well as women. In hair transplant treatment, a decision about whether the patient is suitable for a hair transplant turkey will be made according to tests and blood work.
The number of local anaesthesia supported procedures are increasing every day and transferring the hair roots collected from the body to the scalp is called hair transplant treatment. After this 3-5 hours operation, you can continue your daily life and you will achieve a more natural look.
This problem is more common in men but studies show that the hair loss risk decreases after 40 years of age. In addition to genetic factors, stress and external factors are also among the most important reasons for this problem. After identifying the reasons and the problem, the right treatment procedure will be performed in a short time.

How Is Hair Transplant Performed?

We have two different methods in which the hair roots are completely transferred to the bald regions or collected separately. Of course, these methods also have sub-methods and application types. Hair transplant can be considered under two main titles as FUT (which is no longer popular) and FUE (DHI – Gold Tip – Sapphire – Percutaneous) techniques and this procedure is possible by collecting live hair roots from the body.
The process starts by collecting the hair follicles from the back of the hair and transferring them to the hairless area but this isn’t a simple process. Each method has successful and unsuccessful details and we will try to explain these details.
In recent years, there is hope for patients with the increasing hair transplant turkey cost methods. If you want to witness successful results as well as natural and healthy hair growth, you can consult your doctor in a short time and take the first steps for your tests.

What Is The Most Important Factor In Hair Transplant?

It won’t be right to say that all individuals experiencing androgynous hair loss can benefit from this treatment. One of the most important factors here is to collect live hair follicles from the body. If your body doesn’t have a donor region, a hair transplant will not be successful and you will not obtain any results.
The hair to repair the areas with hair loss is again collected from an individual’s own body and in general, the most efficient donor region is the hair roots on the back of the head. It is possible to define this procedure as integrating live hair follicles. This application which became more popular in our country in recent years, you can achieve a natural look. If you work with the right surgeons, you can see the benefits in a short time.

Hair Transplant Prices by Countries

Hair Translant Turkey € 1,600 – € 3,500
Hair Transplant UK (England) € 11,000 – € 40,500
Hair Transplant United States € 12,900 – € 35,200
Hair Transplant Germany € 9,000 – € 22,200
Hair Transplant Spain € 8,500 – € 32,500
Hair Transplant France € 7,500 – € 23,700
Hair Transplant Ireland € 18,000 – € 32,000

Who Can Have Hair Transplant?

When it comes to hair transplants, we have 22 years criteria. Although some surgeons claim that you can take this age limit to 18, we recommend the procedure after 22. Anyone with androgynous hair loss and strong and live hair roots on their body can benefit from the hair transplant treatment without any problems.
The success rates for hair transplant treatments are increasing every day and this is one of the most promising factors for patients. You can have healthier and fuller hair in a short time with the right surgeon and right procedure. Anyone who is over 22 years can take a step for the treatment and the tests can be applied to determine whether that individual is suitable for the procedure.

Basic Steps for Hair Transplant

It is possible to talk about 5 basic steps:

  • The first stage is the preparation stage. At this stage, the surgeon conducts certain tests to determine whether the patient is suitable for treatment, the main reasons for hair loss are identified and the healthier treatment option is selected. Hair analysis and blood tests are some of the tests applied in this process.
  • Shaving the hair and identifying the front hairline is the second stage.
  • At the third stage, local anaesthesia is applied. It is important to note that anaesthesia-supported treatment takes the comfort of the patient and surgeon to the next level. This procedure is applied to prevent the patient to feel any pain or ache.
  • Injecting saline fluid and correctly collecting the grafts is the fourth stage.
  • Opening channels and correctly transferring the hair roots are the final stages of the treatment.

A special fluid called saline fluid is injected subcutaneously to collect the roots healthily without any problem. This special fluid enables increasing the distance between the scalp and hairy skin and the procedure becomes more problem-free. As the hairy skin expands, the roots can be collected easier and the patient doesn’t experience any pain or ache at this stage.

The roots are loosened with the punch support and collected with special tools called micro pens to eliminate the risk of loss. There is a waiting period after the roots are collected and this period will depend on the application type. The most important detail to collect the roots is to minimize the losses and to completely eliminate this risk if possible.

The procedure continues by placing the roots and opening the channels… The channels must be in the same direction and depth as the roots and have a special angle for the application region. These details are among the most important factors that impact the success of the treatment. The number of channels must be equal to the number of collected roots.

It is possible to use various techniques to open channels and these techniques are again selected by the surgeon.

The channel opening duration might depend on the patient. However, this procedure takes around 2 to 4 hours on average.

This is the last stage of the treatment and this stage includes transferring and integrating the hair roots to channels. The collected hair roots are transferred to channels and grafts with a single hair root are often densely placed to the front to obtain a more natural look. Grafts with double or multiple roots are integrated into the back to achieve a natural look and healthy placement.

After this process is completed without a problem, the application area must be left to relax. There won’t be any interventions for at least 3 days and your surgeon will share the details about the next stages.

Hair transplant which is among the methods with increasing success rates is taken one step ahead with the right treatment method. You will understand it better when you check the before and after photos as well as patient testimonials.

Hair Transplant Methods

The advancing technology and the medical world continue to increase the number of methods in hair transplant treatment.

  • FUE
  • No-Shave
  • Organic
  • DHI
  • Follicle Collection From Beard

In hair transplant treatment, choosing the right method depending on the patient is one of the most important elements.

The real causes of hair loss are identified with pre-op tests.

This treatment which is the most preferred and oldest method is also known as the Follicular Unit Transfer. This method can be simply defined as collecting strong and live hair roots and integrating them into bald areas. The roots are collected from the back of the head and it is necessary to remind that this is a problem-free and successful treatment method.

The procedure must be operated in the hairline direction according to hair growth direction and this is one of the most important things to consider during the operation. There is a slight infection risk in the donor area and this is, unfortunately, one of the most problematic factors of this method.

Local anaesthesia is applied in the operation. Thus, the donor region is numbed to eliminate the pain or arch for the patient. Although it is an old method, it is important to remember that it is one of the most preferred treatment methods. You can achieve good results and a more natural look with an accurate and successful application.

When we look at the old methods, we can see that the operation regions must be completely shaved and this was necessary for the successful operation. Unfortunately, it is hard to be included in society and adapt to social life with a half-shaven head. You cannot run away from the gazes and this could be a problem even if it is for a short time. Also, you can experience psychological problems.

In a no-shave hair transplant, this situation is eliminated and you can go back to your normal life. You don’t have to walk around with a half-shaven head and if your body type is suitable for this treatment, you can choose this option.

Your surgeon will make a healthy and correct decision based on your test results. The most suitable method for you will be selected easy and the process will be started fast based on your test results.

Organic hair transplant which is recently developed and achieved a high success rate in a short time will provide benefits to both patients and surgeons. Let’s see the advantages of this method without losing time.

  • This is a special treatment method that can use the implant area more efficiently and practically. When compared with other methods, you can see that this detail is one step ahead.
  • The hair transplant procedure is faster and more successful than other methods. Unfortunately, the number of surgeons who know this method isn’t high. But the surgeons will develop themselves in this field and this method will become more popular.
  • There is no need to use any chemicals and this is one of the most suitable methods to work in the regions.
  • The success rate is higher. The newly implanted hair roots can nourish better and this gives them a healthier look.
  • It is possible to talk about up to 96% success rate and we need to note that this method is highlighted by numerous surgeons.
  • This will be a correct treatment method for living, long-term and healthier hair.

This is one of the treatment methods which is also known as direct hair implant in various sources. If you need an aesthetic look without any sutures and incisions, we recommend the DHI method.

  • This is one of the most special methods that make denser implants possible. Patients can achieve a healthier and more natural look with denser implants and this is one of the most important elements for numerous patients.
  • Hair root loss is at the minimum level and it is important to remind that the waiting period is shorter.
  • This is one of the special methods that enable direct implant.
  • Again, the recovery period is shorter than other methods and the patient can adapt to daily life easier and faster.
  • There are no scars or any other marks about your operation and this takes the naturalness of the treatment one step ahead.

Women experience hair loss risk as much as men. But we can see that this risk and ratio are clearly lower than men. This problem can especially occur due to postpartum stress. In addition to diseases such as pelade, genetic factors play a role. If anyone in your family has this type of problem, you might be at risk.

While hair transplant treatment in men is problem-free, the same is valid for women as well. It is possible to integrate strong hair roots into the scalp. Currently, FUE and DHI methods are among the most popular and preferred methods. But your surgeon will decide which method is suitable after your test results.

Strong and live hair roots are among the factors that make hair transplants successful. In addition to collecting hair roots from the back of the head, hair roots can also be collected from a beard in recent years. As we expressed at the beginning of this article, if you have strong and live roots, different hair roots from different parts of the body can be used. And beard will be one of them.

There won’t be any unesthetic look when the roots are collected. There won’t be any hollow or impact look on your beard. If the hair roots are stronger, roots can be collected from the beard and your surgeon will provide clearer and more accurate information.

Does Hair Transplant Provide Successful Results?

Hair transplant is a special treatment method that can be applied to women and men for androgynous hair loss time to anyone above 22 years old. It is possible to talk about approximately 99% success rate and there is a 100% success rate for some treatment methods. The hair transplant treatment offers more successful results with the advancements in the medicine and technology world and with innovations. More importantly, it is possible to achieve a natural look that doesn’t show hair transplant.
When you look from the outside, no one other than the hair transplant surgeon can understand you had a hair transplant operation. Innovation studies are applied for years to achieve an almost 100% natural look and various treatment methods are tried for long years.
Numerous people who are uncomfortable about a bald head and disturbing looks of the people around them are recommended to have a hair transplant against androgynous hair loss after tests by the surgeons.
As a result of the tests, your surgeon will determine the most suitable method for you and your body type and provide you with detailed information about the hair transplant process. There are lots of hair transplant methods and it is possible to achieve successful results.

Hair Transplant Results

It isn’t possible to get instant results after the treatment and you need to be patient about it. Your surgeon will inform you about it and share when you can get the most realistic results. The waiting process starts when the treatment is completed and the treatment must be completed to see the exact and final results. Although this process is a short time, frequent check-up after the operation is recommended. Your surgeon can monitor your recovery more professionally and accurately and get the chance to prevent complications.
According to the decision by the Turkish Doctor’s Association (TTB) and the Turkish Surgical Association, the publication of photos after hair transplant in digital environments is forbidden.

It is strictly forbidden to share hair transplant results to avoid any legal processes by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.


Hair Transplant Prices

Various factors impact hair transplant.

  • Price policy of the clinic (pricing per graft or fixed pricing)
  • The method: DHI, FUE (Unique, Sapphire, Percutaneous, Organic)
  • The number of grafts to be implemented
  • Additional applications (PRP, Mesotherapy, Ozone therapy and needless-comfort anaesthesia)
Average cost of 5000 grafts in Turkey for hair transplant services you will have to pay about €1700 to €1900. 

How much does a good hair transplant cost in Turkey?

between €1,700 to €1,900
Turkey offers the most affordable hair transplant surgery price compared to other parts of the world. The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey can range from 1700 to 1900 euros including accommodation and transportation costs, depending on the type of surgery required, the clinic chosen and the surgeon appointed.

How much does 6000 grafts cost in Turkey?

Luckily, the experienced hair transplant teams in Turkey offer great prices compared to clinics elsewhere in Europe and the US. The cost of a 6,000 graft hair transplant operation in Turkey usually ranges from $1,990 to $5,500.

Hair Transplant World Cost 2023

Types Of Hair Transplant Price Range in Turkey Price Range in the UK Price Range in Europe Price Range in America
Fue Hair Transplant € 1600 – € 1900 £ 5690 – £ 12090 € 5450 – € 6850 $ 12400 – $ 18900
DHI Hair Transplant € 1800  – € 3000 £ 11600 – £ 17090 € 7550 – € 33190 $ 12800 – $ 16300
Manuel Fue Transplant € 2490 – € 6990 £ 16750 – £ 31090 € 15700 – € 51390 $ 13900 – $ 13500
Sapphire Fue Transplant € 2999 – € 5990 £ 6750 – £ 15090 € 5700 – € 6900 $ 14900 – $ 15590

After Hair Transplant

There are certain things you need to be careful about after hair transplant treatment. You must not intervene in the donor and implant region for 3 days. It is better to adjust the sleeping position accordingly. You need to avoid the pool and sea. You need to avoid these two for 2 months.
Quitting smoking and alcohol is recommended as these have a high impact on success rate. You must avoid lifting heavyweight and you should take annual leave if you work in heavy work. Resting plays a huge role in this process.

Hair Transplant Before After

The digital world is offering detailed information about this subject and the patients are willing to share theirs before and after photos. When you visit the official websites of the surgeons, you can access special photos of successful examples and you can break your prejudices in a short time.

Basic Information About Hair Transplant Operation

  • There are two main categories that are FUE and FUT, Today, most of the procedures are operated with FUE (DHI, Unique, Sapphire, Percutaneous).
  • Local anaesthesia is used for the operation and if there is any allergic reaction, this can be identified with tests and the treatment can be postponed.
  • The patient is tested for any contagious diseases (such as HIV, Hepatitis) before the operation. The hair transplant is cancelled if the test is positive.
  • The most important purpose of the application is to integrate strong hair roots into the area with hair loss and obtain successful results. As expressed above, the success rate has reached 99%.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Hair Transplant Performed?

100% success can be achieved if the operation is done by expert surgeons in a sterile environment and when the surgeon’s recommendations are followed after the hair transplant.

Any woman or man above 22 years old with a hair loss problem and a sufficient amount of hair in the donor region can have a hair transplant.

The strongest hair from the donor region is used for hair transplants. The expert surgeons will transplant this hair and 100% permanency is achieved.

Since hair transplant procedures are operated under local anaesthesia, you will not feel any pain or ache.

There is no age limit for hair transplants but a hair transplant for individuals younger than 22 years old is not recommended.

The back of the head is preferred as the donor region because the strongest hair roots are there. When necessary, beard and chest regions can also be used as donor regions.

2 days will be enough. The hair transplant is operated on the 1st day. The transplanted hair is checked and the hair is washed on the 2nd day and the hair transplant operation is completed as the surgeon explains how you should take care of your new transplanted hair.