Long Hair Transplant

Long hair transplant is a hair transplant method that has recently been much preferred especially by women. Individuals who want to have hair transplants and want to get the result of this procedure as quickly as possible prefer this method a lot.

What is Different about Long Hair Transplant?

This transplant method is not much different from other hair transplant methods in terms of how it is done. Medical devices used in all the other methods are used in this method too and the procedures and cares need to be done before and after the operation are exactly the same. What makes this operation unique is that the hair is not shaved before the operation. The hair strands which are allowed to be long are removed as they are and transplanted to the area where hair loss is present. Since the hair is not cut short before the operation, the patients do not need to wait for long months and can immediately notice the difference. However, a time period of at least 9 months is required for the newly transplanted grafts to become completely well and for the hair to grow healthily.

Advantages of Long Hair Transplant

Patients who prefer the Long Hair Transplantation method do not wait for their hair to grow and get a very quick result from the treatment. They can immediately notice the difference that occurs, and this results in the patients leaving the hospital more satisfied.
Normally, many small and red marks come about in the patients’ heads during the hair transplantation. Yet, thanks to long hair transplantation, these marks can easily be hidden and are not noticed. We can say that this advantage is the number one reason this method is preferred.